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Are you ready to cook for some more delicious savory Turkish pastries? Today we will make Kandil Sesame Rings. Kandil is the name of five holly evenings on the Muslim calendar. There is Mevlid Kandili, Regaip Kandili, Miraç Kandili, Berat Kandili and Kadir Gecesi. The name Kandil is originated from ‘candle’ since on Kandil days candles were lit on Mosques Minarets to celebrate the day back then. Also these delicious kandil sesame rings are distributed to people for celebration. Today you can still find kandil sesame rings in every patisserie on kandil days. Just try it and you will love love love!

Ingredients: (you can buy the ingredients directly by clicking on them)

300 gr. (11 oz.) margarine, dehydrated (melt and freeze the margarine and throw away the liquid)
2 egg
1 pack (1 tbsp.) instant dry yeast
25 gr. (1 oz.) granulated sugar
12 gr. (1/2 oz.) salt
12 gr. (1/2 oz.) mahaleb
17 gr. (2/3 oz.) vegetable oil
450 gr. (16 oz.) all purpose flour

For the coating:
1 tbsp. pekmez
2 cup water

1) You can easily make your dough on your stand mixer with your dough hook by adding all the ingredients in above order. Just make sure that instant dry yeast doesn’t touch the salt and sugar directly because it will prevent fermenting. You can also knead with your hands in a medium bowl the same way.
Not: I just bought a bread machine and I now make all my leavened doughs in it. They turn out absolutely perfect and there is no fuss. If you own a bread machine I would recommend to make your dough in it.
2) When the dough is firm and intact cover your bowl with a plastic wrap and let it rise for 1 hour. (if you made your dough in bread machine you won’t need to wait to rise.)
3) Knead a little your dough after one hour to let the excess air gone.
4) Make palm size ring of your dough.
5) Heat your oven to 175 °C (347 °F)
6) Mix 1 tbsp. pekmez and 2 cups of water together for the coating. Put your rings into the water mix first and then cover them all with sesame.
7) Bake your kandil sesame rings for 15 minutes.


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