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Bulgur Pilaf with Green Lentils - Mercimekli Bulgur Pilavi


Hello Everyone! Today we are going to make bulgur pilaf with green lentils. I don’t know about you but I eat bulgur pilaf every day for my healthy diet. I don’t like to eat bread with food. Bulgur pilaf is much healthier and more satisfying than bread. Not to mention the high fiber it contains. If you are interested in a healthy diet, you can consume three to five tablespoons of plain and low-fat bulgur pilaf instead of a slice of bread at your meals. Now let’s get to bulgur pilaf with green lentils. As if this dish was found in response to those who say we can make bulgur pilaf healthier. The vegetable protein source green lentil met with fiber source bulgur, and this delicious meal emerged. Just try it, and you will love love love! Read more