21 October 2020

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Hello Everyone! Are you ready for some vegan and gluten-free stuffed artichokes? With that dish, I can honestly say that a vegetable meal can be both healthy and delicious. I think I can’t even begin the benefits of the artichoke to your health. It cleans your liver, lowers cholesterol, protects your stomach, supports your weight loss process, supports cell repair and regeneration, and much more. While you can use the heart of artichoke while cooking, some dishes can be made from artichoke leaves. If you liked the recipe of the green pea soup with artichoke I gave before, I recommend you to give the stuffed artichoke a chance. Just try it, and you will love love love!

Vegan Stuffed Artichokes - Enginar Dolmasi Recipe

Vegan Stuffed Artichokes – Enginar Dolmasi Recipe


Try this delicious, vegan, gluten-free, healthy stuffed artichokes recipe
Prep Time 10 mins
Cook Time 45 mins
Course Appetizer, Main Course, Side Dish
Cuisine Mediterranean, Turkish


  • 6 artichokes
  • 1 carrot
  • 1 potato
  • 1 cup boiled peas
  • 1 onion
  • 1/2 cup of olive oil
  • 1 lemon
  • 1 teaspoon of sugar
  • Salt
  • 1 glass of water 200 ml.


  • Chop the potatoes into tiny cubes.
  • Chop the carrots into small cubes.
  • Add enough water to cover the carrots and leave to boil.
  • 5 minutes after boiling, add the potatoes you cut into small cubes and boil until the vegetables are slightly soft. (It mustn't be fully cooked.)
  • Finely chop your onions.
  • Saute the onions in 1/2 cup olive oil until they turn slightly pink.
  • Add potatoes and carrots to it.
  • Add 1 cup of boiled peas and mix, and remove from heat.
  • Rub the artichokes with lemon and place in a pot.
  • Fill the artichokes with the vegetables you have prepared.
  • Pour sugar, salt, and 1/4 cup olive oil over your artichokes.
  • Add 1 cup of hot water and cover the pot.
  • Cook the artichokes until they are soft.
  • You can serve the stuffed artichoke after it cools down.
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Stuffed Artichoke Tips

  • Take care to keep the fresh artichokes removed from the stems and leaves in lemon water so that they do not darken.
  • Instead of dry onions, you can prepare the stuffed artichoke with olive oil with a mixture of scallions, dill, and peas that you chop finely.


What do you think about that? Have you tried the Vegan Stuffed Artichokes recipe yet? Please comment and share your experience. Or are you craving for another Turkish food that you want its recipe from me? You can always contact me here.


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