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High Society Ravioli - Sosyete Mantisi


Hello Everyone!

Are you a fan of Turkish Ravioli? Don’t you have any time to do it or can’t you find it at your local stores? Then High Society Ravioli is meant for you! I literally translated the meal’s name for you. High society term in the recipe name refers to everyone who don’t have much time to consume in the kitchen but also who don’t give up from taste either. You won’t believe how delicious is High Society Ravioli. Just try it, and you will love love love! Read more

Turkish Braised Meat - Kavurma


Hello Everyone!

Let’s get more traditional today. Turkish braised meat is a meal that you can find in every turkish kitchen. They usually made in large amounts especially after Eid and they are stocked in the fridges and the freezers. You can keep your turkish braised meat in the fridge for a month and for a year in the freezer. Also you can use this ready to go meal in everywhere you can think of. Serve it with a pilaf as a main dish, add it in your omelette as breakfast, make to toast or sandwich with it to go. Just imagine! Just try it and you will love love love! Read more


Hello Everyone!

Please believe me when I say ‘rice meatball’ is really something different. It can be a fried dish but you will see it’s delicate, light and very delicious. Also it’s going very well with almost everything. You can serve your rice meatball with salad, pasta, mash potatoes, potato fries, or just with the dip you want. Just try it and you will love love love! Read more

Islim Kebab


Hello Everyone!

You may expect a regular Turkish Kebab recipe when you see the name of the dish but this is a very different kind of kebab. Yes we have so many variations of kebab : ) Islim kebab is a meatball wrapped in eggplant (aubergine). It’s a very light but rich in taste dish and also it’s very easy to make it. Just try islim kebab, and you will love love love! Read more