Stuffed Cabbage Leaves - Lahana Sarmasi


Hello Everyone!

As you may have noticed already, we love our “dolma”! If you already tried and loved stuffed grape leaves, stuffed cabbage leaves is just for you. I won’t lie, it is a bit challenging and time consuming but you can be sure that it will worth it. Stuffed cabbage leaves can be made both with meat and olive oil. This recipe is with meal but I can also share olive oil version if you request. Just try it and you will love love love! Read more


Hello Everyone!

Today we are going to make a very traditional Turkish food dessert. Loukoumades is a very happy and festive dessert because it is usually made to celebrate happy events. You can also find Loukoumades in every corner of Turkey streets especially at summer regions. It’s not a very heavy dessert, it’s not hard to make and it’s very delicious. Just try it and you will love love love! Read more

High Society Ravioli - Sosyete Mantisi


Hello Everyone!

Are you a fan of Turkish Ravioli? Don’t you have any time to do it or can’t you find it at your local stores? Then High Society Ravioli is meant for you! I literally translated the meal’s name for you. High society term in the recipe name refers to everyone who don’t have much time to consume in the kitchen but also who don’t give up from taste either. You won’t believe how delicious is High Society Ravioli. Just try it, and you will love love love! Read more

Kuymak aka Mihlama


Hello Everyone!

Are you prepared to make the best breakfast ever? Kuymak a.k.a. Mihlama is one of the signature dishes of Black sea Region and I can say that it comes from heaven. It is a very easy recipe to make with only few ingredients. And you can trust that it’s so delicious because it has lots of cheese, lots of butter therefore lots of calories in it. Just try Kuymak a.k.a. Mihlama and you will love love love! Read more


Hello Everyone!

They say that Ezogelin Soup comes from a very sad story. Ezogelin (Ezo-the-bride) was a women with a legendary beautifulness and survived some tragic events. They say that Ezo-the-bride was as skillful as she was beatiful and she invented Ezogelin Soup when she was pour. Therefore Ezogelin Soup is a very delicious and fulfilling soup. Also it’s very popular all around the world. Just try the real Turkish recipe of this soup and you will love love love! Read more